Usana has many products that are combined to give maximum effect for general well being.

Dr. Ray Strand recommends Essentials, Proflavanol 90, Active Calcium Plus, BiOmega 3, and Fibergy to all his patients. No matter what disease they have. He then adds various products to suit each individual personal problem.

I prefer to sign a person up as an Associate Member for the cost of $19.95 as they can buy direct from the company at the cost price and they have the opportunity to create a part or full time business if they wish.

These people can put their products on “Autoship” and their products are sent every 28 days and their money is debited from their account.

If a person does not want to join then they can become a Preferred Customer but they are unable to sign someone up and they will not be able to accumulate points. They can still have the products debited every 28 days and sent direct to them.

(We have been getting a weekly payment of minimum $165 for 7 consecutive weeks and we’ve had 4 @ $330.00 and one @ $415.00 as of 31/12/07)

I do not recommend RRP as it is very expensive.

Extra for Weight Loss is:
Nutrimeal requires 4 cans minimum per 28 days @ $35.00 each 140.00 using 2 level scoops per 1 glass of water, each can will last 7.5 days @ replacing 2 meals per day. Adding 1 level scoop of Fibergy to the Nutrimeal 3 – 4 times per week.
You can change or cancel your Autoship at any time. Cost of Essentials for example:

Holly you have a great future ahead of you and YOU CAN DO IT!! Wendy and I will help you overcome this obstacle. We have a pastor in Gladstone Qld, who is quite short and weighs 155 kg. She too is going down. I’ll put you in touch with her for encouragement.

I know this is a lot of money but it really is a better way to lose weight and it WORKS! CONTACT ME AND I WILL SEND YOU MY STATS


Lawrence and Wendy Whitmore

Lawrie Whitmore
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